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The procedures to follow when learner is absent.


Informal and formal assessments are conducted throughout the year. It is therefore important that we note when a learner will not be at school. 



If a learner is absent:

  • Parents are responsible for notifying the school.

  • If parents find it impossible to contact the school, a letter or doctor's certificate must be handed in on the first day back after being absent.

Learners whose parents do not make these arrangements will be punished with detention.



The marks of tests written after a scheduled date, may not count.

Only a doctor's certificate is accepted for illness during tests. Such a learner will then get an "a" (absent) for the test.

Learners who miss a test with permission, get an "a" (absent) as well. Such permission will only be granted in very exceptional cases if pre-arranged with the Principal.

No test may be written at an earlier date than scheduled.



A learner who leaves on holiday before the date of the exam paper gets 0% for that specific paper.

Only a valid doctor's certificate will be accepted for illness during exams. If such a certificate is not handed in, the learner will receive 0% for the specific paper instead of an "a" (absent).

Funerals of next of kin during exams: Special consent must be obtained from the Principal.


If a learner knows in advance that an appointment must be kept during school hours, he/she must make arrangements at Enquiries ahead of time and excuse him/herself from class at the pre-arranged time. No learner will be called by means of the announcement system.

If a learner becomes ill during the day, the learner must report at Enquiries. The school will then contact the parents and make arrangements.

NO learner may phone parents without permission.

A learner may not leave the school grounds before a letter of absence, from the office, has been handed to the RCL member of his/her class.

ALL learners who leave the school grounds before the end of the school day, must be fetched from Enquiries by a parent/guardian and be signed out.

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