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Our high school is committed to providing rigorous and well-rounded education to all our learners. At HPR we believe that every learner has the ability to succeed and through hard work everyone can achieve their goals. 


  1. Learners must pass all choice subjects for grade 10, with a minimum of 40% or more, at the end of grade 9.

  2. In certain subjects’ learners are selected according to performance in grade 9.

  3. A Gr 9 learner must have obtained a year mark of at least 40% in Mathematics to choose Mathematics in Gr 10, a year mark of at least 35% in Mathematics to take Technical Mathematics in Gr 10 and a year mark of at least 50% in Mathematics to take Physical Science or IT in Gr 10.


Awarded to grade 12 learner(s) who, despite difficult circumstances, have shown exceptional character throughout their high school career. This award is only given if there is a learner/learners who qualify for this. Such learner(s) are nominated by the staff

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