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We offer the following subjects:

GR 8 & 9

Afrikaans Home language

Afrikaans First Additional Language

English Home Language

English First Additional Language


Natural Sciences (Science & Biology)

Social Sciences (Geography and History)
Economic Management Science
Civil Technology

Engineering Graphics and Design

Electrical Technology
Life orientation

GR 10 - 12

We offer two subject areas:

Academical, Technical or Agricultural.

Afrikaans Home Language or Afrikaans First Additional Language

English Home Language or English First Additional Language

Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

Choose 3 elective subjects:

Business Studies
Physical Sciences
Information Technology (Mathematics compulsory)
Life Science
Computer applications Technology
Accounting (Mathematics compulsory)
Hospitality Studies
Civil Services

Electrical technology

Agricultural technology

Engineering graphics and Design

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  • A learner must maintain an average of at least 70% to be allowed to take one additional subject, and an average of 75% and above, if more additional subjects are to be taken.

  • A learner must apply and motivate if more subjects are to be taken.

  • If it is found that a learner's performance in the chosen subjects deteriorates, the learner will no longer be allowed to take additional subjects

At Piet Retief High School we offer two additional subjects:​

German Second Additional Language

Alpha Mathematics 


  1. Learners must pass all choice subjects for grade 10, with a minimum of 40% or more, at the end of grade 9.

  2. In certain subjects learners are selected according to performance in grade 9.

  3. A Gr 9 learner must have obtained a year mark of at least 40% in Mathematics to choose Mathematics in Gr 10, a year mark of at least 35% in Mathematics to take Technical Mathematics in Gr 10 and a year mark of at least 50% in Mathematics to take Physical Science or IT in Gr 10.


  1. A learner must maintain an average of at least 70% before he/she will be allowed to take an additional subject and an average of at least 75% for additional subjects.

  2. Learners must apply for permission and motivate their choice if additional subjects are to be taken.

  3. If it is found that a learner does not perform well in his/her choice subjects anymore, he/she will not be allowed to carry on with the additional subjects.


  1. At the end of the year (± 2 weeks before the end of year exam).  The change then becomes applicable at the start of the next year.

  2. Both educators concerned, the parent/guardian as well as the Deputy Principal must grant permission before a learner may change subjects.

  3. The applicable forms must be completed and handed in at the teacher responsible for administration.

  4. It is the responsibility of the LEARNER to catch up on all  the work in order to present a complete portfolio in the new subject.

  5. Any other subject changes will be considered on merit in exceptional cases.

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