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Huis Protea

Hostel fees

The rooms are spacious and well equipped with all the necessary amenities. House Protea brags with en-suite, communal and standard rooms. The girls have access to the internet and a printer to make sure their academy is of top quality.

In the dining hall, the girls can enjoy healthy and delicious meals prepared by our skilled kitchen team.

Standard room - R34 000 p.a

Commune room - R37 000 p.a

En-suite (single) - R44 000 p.a

En-suite (double) - R40 500 p.a

En-suite (3 persons) - R38 350 p.a

Day students - R15 000 p.a

Beautiful rooms

We brag with 32 en-suite rooms and offer the girls a home away from home.

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