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Dresses or skirts:

Green dress or skirt according to prescribed style and length (maximum 15 cm above the floor when learner kneels)

Girls wearing a skirt, must wear a tank top that fully covers underwear. A tie is NOT compulsory, but the underwear / tank top must not be visible.

Skirts may not be shortened by rolling it up in the middle.

Skirts may not be narrowed down.


White school shirt with long or short sleeves. A tie must be worn with a stiff-collared shirt.

No printed or coloured T-shirts may be worn under the school shirts; white T-shirts allowed only if a tie is worn.


Only long grey school trousers may be worn.

The hem of trousers must be neatly sewn.

The pants must not be too tightfitting. Underwear is not permitted to show.


Plain, smooth leather black shoes with a single thin buckle or with laces.

Shoelaces must be tied in a firm bow tie.


Short white school socks that are turned over once.

Long grey socks only with trousers.

The girls are allowed to wear long black tights with their school dresses. The school will not keep stock. Learners will have to buy it themselves. The word “TIGHTS” must be on the packaging. No normal STOCKINGS will be allowed.

Summer wear


Winter wear

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