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South African goalkeeper shares her knowledge

On Saturday, February 4th, Marlise van Tonder, South Atrica's premier hockey goalkeeper, and her sister, Chantelle van Tonder, imparted valuable insights and techniques to the goalkeepers of Piet Retiet High School.

Chantelle, who currently serves as the first team goalkeeper at Tuks, joined her sibling in sharing a treasure trove of knowledge and skils.

The training was divided into two sessions, accommodating the needs of both Piet Retief High School and primary schools in the vicinity.

A total of sixteen goalkeepers participated and received seven hours of priceless training.

We extend our gratitude to the HPR-Supporters Club for their sponsorship, which made this event possible. Additionally, we thank Charlene Putter from Mama Mia for ensuring the trainers had a comtortable stay and adequate nourishment.


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